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Re: [condor-users] dedicated resources vs. testing mode

> When you say you want everything to be set up as "dedicated resources",
> do you mean just machines that do not preempt jobs, or do you mean
> machines that run MPI jobs?  That's the main difference between the two
> cases you are comparing.
> The "testingmode" example will run any jobs submitted from any schedd in
> your pool.  The dedicated resources example will only run MPI jobs
> submitted by the designated schedd.

I'm looking to run any job, not MPI in particular. Though I seem to remember someone telling me some time ago that there's nothing about the dedicated scheduler that forces a program to be an MPI program.

I've just looked through an old e-mail and found that the dedicated scheduler doesn't require a program to be an MPI program, only that it must start up using MPICH's ch_p4 method. So it appears that the testing mode example is the way to go for me.


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