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Re: [condor-users] Globus Universe Job not running

Erik Paulson wrote:

12/23 10:46:27 condor_gridmanager exited pid=1782 status=256



What does the GridmanagerLog file say? It is probably in /tmp/GridmanagerLog.$(USERNAME), but you could check with condor_config_val GRIDMANAGER_LOG

It should tell us why the gridmanager exits right away.

Well, that file does not exist in my /tmp directory??

bash-2.05a$ condor_config_val GRIDMANAGER_LOG

This is the relevant portion of my condor_config file just to confirm.

#GRIDMANAGER_LOG = $(LOG)/GridLogs/GridmanagerLog.$(USERNAME)
GRIDMANAGER_LOG = /tmp/GridmanagerLog.$(USERNAME)

As user lsc-cit I can write in the /tmp directory (obvious but just wanted to let you know that).



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