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Re: [condor-users] Condor installation

At 11:53 AM 12/24/2003, Diamond, Edward wrote:

Im looking for some installation advice for a new Condor pool with the following requirements:

* All submit jobs will require Win2000 OS
* All Win2000 machines are peers (no Win2000 Server)
* We have Sparc/Solaris and Intel/Win2000 machines available to act as Condors central manager.

Is it better to use the Sparc/Solaris machine as the central manager?

for your setup, it makes no difference. the central manager (collector and negotiator services) will work exactly the same on Solaris -vs- Windows.

the only consideration is if you are planning to enable strong network authentication/security in Condor. currently, the Condor Unix ports have many more network security features for authentication/encryption/integrity (kerberos, x509, 3des, md5, etc) than the Condor Windows ports. but since all of your clients will be Windows, it does your site little good to have these features solely in your central manager.

i'd recommend using whichever one is easier for you.

Does anyone have some good examples of configuration files for both the central manager and execute machines?

if you run the Condor Windows installer, it will create decent default/starting-point config files for you. on your central manager and tell the installer you are creating a new central manager on this machine. then run the installer on one of your execute machines, and tell it you are joining an existing Condor pool (and give the hostname of your central manager).


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