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Re: [condor-users] Acknowledging the Use of Condor in a Paper

> 3. Any academic report, publication, or other academic disclosure of
> results obtained with this Software will acknowledge this Software's use
> by an appropriate citation.

> I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the above statement. Shall I just
> mention in the Acknowledgment section that Condor(R) has been used to
> obtain some results? Or shall I *cite* something? If so, what exactly
> shall I cite?

Hello Alexander,

This clause of the license is deliberately left open-ended so that you may
may choose a citation appropriate to your medium and audience. If you start
from the Condor web page and click on "Research Publications", you will see
a long list of publications to consider.  Here are some suggestions for

- For a general-interest computer science article or book, I suggest that
you cite one of the book chapters under "Condor Overview."

- For a grid-related publication, a reference to "Condor-G" would
be right on target.

- For a historical view of Condor, I recommend the articles titled
  "Condor: A Hunter..." and "Remote Unix..."

- If you relied heavily on a particular feature of Condor -- for example,
checkpointing -- you could select an article that discusses that
feature in detail, such as "Supporting Checkpointing..."

- If your publisher prefers citations to web pages instead of
printed matter, then use a link to http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor .

- If your publication will appear in a journal or volume where another
Condor-related article has appeared, then your readers might appreciate a
citation to that earlier article.

Hope this helps,

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