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Re: [condor-users] Acknowledging the Use of Condor in a Paper

At 12:32 PM 1/9/2004, Alexander Klyubin wrote:

I'm writing up a paper. I used Condor to run simulations and get the results I describe in the paper. Condor Public License states that I have to acknowledge Condor in the paper:

3. Any academic report, publication, or other academic disclosure of results obtained with this Software will acknowledge this Software's use by an appropriate citation.

I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the above statement. Shall I just mention in the Acknowledgment section that Condor(R) has been used to obtain some results? Or shall I *cite* something? If so, what exactly shall I cite?

Mentioning Condor in the acknowledgment section would be just fine and would fully satisfy the license. Including a reference to one of our overview papers (www.cs.wisc.edu/Condor/publications) and/or narrowing down to a specific publication as Doug suggested would be "nice".

The wording in the license was purposefully left open-ended to empower you to use your own judgement on what is appropriate for your own publication.


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