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Re: [condor-users] New user questions about condor_submit

> In general, dear Condor developers, it would take you at most 1 hour to
> make Condor.pm work on Windows, and it would save  hours of work to the
> users. I'm not talking about fixing bugs, just make it work on Windows
> out of the box.

So, I run Windows, and I have Cygwin installed, and I use the perl
built with the Cygwin libraries. The Condor perl module works fine for
me, although I admit I don't use it as often or as extensively as you
probably do. If you're using ActivePerl or somesuch, they're might be
some OS-specific issues (like maybe the POSIX module) we might have to
deal with there. If you could indicate which Perl you're using and an
example of the problems you're having, I'd be happy to fix it up.

That said, our current Windows release does not include Condor.pm,
and that can and will be corrected.

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