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Re: [condor-users] How do you use CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR in a Standard Universe job?


> We added CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR for the sake of vanilla users, not
> thinking about the standard universe.  Hence, the manual is a little
> unclear in that regard.  It can be used in your case, but there is a
> little trick to be done.  Use "local_files" in your submit file to
> declare that filenames with a certain root name are local:
> 	local_files = tmpfile.*

Yes, I figured that out, but I was hoping there was a way to avoid
having to put something in the job submission file.  This is to avoid
problems with users using old submission files after the program has
been changed and having it fail miserably.

On a related note, what exactly is the pattern matching algorithm?  I
tried a pattern like "/*/execute/dir_*/*", but it didn't work.  Are
you only allowed one asterisk, or is it that an asterisk will only
match one path component (i.e. will not match a '/')?  The idea was to
have a "universal" pattern for a scratch directory.

Daniel K. Forrest	Laboratory for Molecular and
forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx	Computational Genomics
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