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Re: [condor-users] condor_hold

I did run condor_q, before and after. All my nodes were "Busy" running
jobs. After codor_hold, all jobs were on hold. They did not
get killed, but the changed their state from running to hold.
But the idea of the command was not to put on hold jobs
that were running.

Thanks for your help


Mark Silberstein wrote:
Try running condor_q first to be sure what happens with your jobs.
I don't think anything was deleted. The error message says that Condor
didn't find any job with the activity you requested. 

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 20:02, Fernando Rannou wrote:
I just issued a command to hold all my jobs that were
not running. I used the example on page 426 of V_6.6.0 manual:

[rannou]$ condor_hold rannou -constraint Activity!=\"Busy\"
User rannou's job(s) held.
Couldn't find/hold all jobs matching constraint (Activity!="Busy")

What happened? All jobs that were running got killed!!

Thanks for your help

Fernando Rannou

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