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Re: [condor-users] condor_hold

At 12:02 PM 1/22/2004, Fernando Rannou wrote:
I just issued a command to hold all my jobs that were
not running. I used the example on page 426 of V_6.6.0 manual:

[rannou]$ condor_hold rannou -constraint Activity!=\"Busy\" User rannou's job(s) held. Couldn't find/hold all jobs matching constraint (Activity!="Busy")

What happened? All jobs that were running got killed!!

Thanks for your help

Fernando -

Our apologies.

The example given in the condor_hold man page is completely bogus. The rest of the man page looks ok, however.

If you do
   "condor_hold <username>"
that means to hold all of the jobs belonging to that user.

If you do
"condor_hold <username> -constraint <some-expression>"
that means to hold all of the jobs belonging to that user, AND all of the jobs matching the constraint. So multiple "selections" on the same command line are ANDed together.

Another crazy thing w/ the example on the man page is the reference to the Activity attribute. This is an attribute of the machine ad, not the job ad. The constraint expression given to condor_hold may only refer to attributes in the job ad.

So to hold all jobs that are not running owned by user Mary, as a queue super user you could do:
condor_hold -constraint "JobStatus!=2 && Owner==\"Mary\""

Or, if you were logged in as Mary (and Mary is not a queue super user), you could just do
condor_hold -constraint "JobStatus!=2"
because Condor will not let you hold jobs you do not own....

Sorry about the documentation error, we will fix that for the next manual release.


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Todd Tannenbaum University of Wisconsin-Madison Condor Project Research Department of Computer Sciences

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