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Re: [condor-users] Ignoring certian users...

On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 04:02:49PM -0500, Carl Holtje wrote:
> All-
> In the machien selection process (can you tell I'm new at this?), a 
> machine is evaluated based on current load and users (it must, as 
> certain users, ie root are ignored)...

Actually, the machine selection process is managed by finding a job
ad that matches the machines "Requirements" statement - which is usually
"If no one has typed at my keyboard for 15 minutes and my load average is 
below 1 I will run a job"

> Is there a way to say 'User xyz runs very low-priority processes, so we, 
> Condor, can move to this machine and not worry about xyz being there.'
> Currently, our user xyz has processes running on many systems, and 
> Condor sees these processes there and moves on to other systems.

Internally, Condor calculates two numbers for load average - LoadAvg and
CondorLoadAvg. LoadAvg is the total load of the machine, CondorLoadAvg is
the portion of the load that is a result of a Condor job. There is no way 
to exclude a certain users process from the LoadAvg number (on Linux,
for example, the way we calculate that number is to open up /proc/loadavg and
use those numbers). The CondorLoadAvg is calculated by any jobs that we know
we're running. (And is also fairly unreliable)

You don't have to use LoadAvg and CondorLoadAvg in your START expressions - you
can use anything you want, including calculating it yourself. One of the
cool things about Condor is you can put anything you want into your machine
ad, including calculating your own load average to exclude certain users.
You can use the STARTD_CRON_JOBS:



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