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Re: [condor-users] Calling condor_submit_dag recursively

I'm trying to call condor_submit_dag recursively from within a DAGMan POST script, but without much luck.

I would think that would work, but I'm not aware that we've tried it.

But it makes me wonder: why do you want to submit a DAG from a POST script? Shouldn't it be another node in the DAG?

The purpose of a POST script is to do simple post-processing and to decide if the job that is in the node succeeded or failed. In this case, your DAG node will be considered to have succeeded if condor_submit_dag returns 0. Is that the semantics you want?

The initial submission works fine, but when the POST script tries to kick off another dag (either by passing it to a "system" call, or by forking and exec'ing a new process), nothing happens. The job and dagman log files report no errors.

Did you get any output from condor_submit_dag? Did it return an error code?

It's possible that the environment was set up so that it couldn't find condor_submit_dag, and it just failed. Could that be what happened?


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