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Re: [condor-users] Condor-G broker / scheduler questions

I want to submit jobs via Condor-G to a VO registered on MDS2 on a balanced and fault-tolerant way. Is this possible?. The pdf ".../condorg-hpdc10.pdf" does mention of a future broker but this document is three years old and I dont know if it has been implemented or is in the way.

It's not clear what you want.

We try very hard to ensure that jobs submitted via Condor-G deal well with faults and recover from problems.

Condor-G doesn't look anything up in MDS, so you have to do that part on your own, or use a broker from someone else. The EDG resource broker springs to mind, but I don't know much about it.

We have done some early work with matchmaking for Condor-G. It works, but it isn't easy to use. It doesn't use MDS, but you could hook it up to MDS. It is documented in Section 5.3.5 of the Condor 6.6 manual:


I also want to submit service calls to OGSI container of GT3, really is my main mission, but if it can't be done, one option is to make a wrapper from a GRAM job that invokes the service on the same node.

The released version of Condor-G can only submit to Globus Toolkit 2 resources, or perhaps GT3 resources that provide a backwards compatible interface.

Internally, we have been making progress on Condor-G submitting to GT3 with the OGSI interfaces. It is not yet ready for release though.


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