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Re: [condor-users] SMP configuration

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Diamond, Edward wrote:

> I would like to setup our pool of SMP machines (WIN2k & WINXp) so that
> only one Condor job can run on any given machine.  I have tried setting
> NUM_VIRTUAL_MACHINES = 1, but if that particular VM is being used by the
> owner, I'd like Condor to check the other VM's  to see if they meet low
> load requirements and are not already in use by a Condor job.  I would
> like to have startd check to see if there is already a Condor job
> running on it's machine and if so, reject the request, and if not, start
> up on the least used VM.  Anybody know how to do this or even if it is
> possible?

If you want a single Condor job to run on your SMP machines regardless of
what's happening on that machine (high load, user logged in), you can just
set NUM_VIRTUAL_MACHINES = 1 and START = True. Or you can customize the
START expression to consider only the things you want (don't run jobs if
the load is too high, but ignore whether someone is sitting in front of
the machine). You'll also want to tweak the other startd policy
expressions appropriately.

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