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Re: [condor-users] Memory in a Virtual Machine

> >What if, instead, you do:
> >
> >  NUM_CPUS = 1
> >  MEMORY = 2015 
> That works, it starts a single Virtual Machine and displays the amount 
> of memory as 2015. However, if I comment out the MEMORY part and just 
> leave the NUM_CPUS = 1, condor_status -l shows the memory as 503 (just 
> to reaffirm there is 2GB of physical ram on the machine).
> I thought Condor automatically detects how much memory a machine has?

it does, and then it divides it by the number of processors it thinks you have,
which looks like 4 (or 2 with hyperthreading).  when you then "lie" to it about
the number of processors, it doesn't redistribute the RAM.

more info can be found here:


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