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[condor-users] questions about path environment in condor_G

Dear condor-users,

My job description file goes as follows:
Executable = /bin/sh
transfer_executable = False
globusscheduler = surya/jobmanager-condor
Universe = globus
GlobusRSL = (condor_submit=(Universe vanilla))
Arguments = /staff/yuhongf/Condor/globus/JavaScript.sh
print $(input)
Initialdir = /staff/yuhongf/Condor/globus
input = /staff/yuhongf/Condor/globus/print.in
output = print.script.out
error = print.script.error
Log = print.script.log


/staff/yuhongf/Condor/globus/JavaScript.sh is on 
Surya, this works. However when I modified 
"globusscheduler = surya/jobmanager-condor" to be
"globusscheduler = ntuds/jobmanager-condor", i.e.,
submit it to a remote machine. There would be error
message like:
/staff/yuhongf/Condor/globus/JavaScript.sh: No such
file or directory

Would you please tell me how to make shell script
submit to remote jobmanager work? Your kind suggestion
and valued time
are highly appreciated. 

Best regards

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