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Re: [condor-users] MatchLog

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, Michal Sankot wrote:

> Heya,
> I'm doing timing tests on jobs submitted to Condor. I wanted to use MatchLog
> to see, when jobs get actually matched with client node and are sent to
> there, but messages I get from there are rather bizzare. I have 3 client
> machines and I sent 5 jobs there. Corresponding lines in MatchLog are:
> ------
> 14:36:22 Matched 445.0 michal@Michal<> preempting none
> <>
> 14:36:22 Matched 446.0 michal@Michal<> preempting none
> <>
> 14:36:22 Matched 447.0 michal@Michal<> preempting none
> <>
> 14:36:23 Rejected 448.0 michal@Michal<>: no match found
> 14:36:23 Rejected 449.0 michal@Michal<>: no match found
> ------
> This would seem that first 3 jobs got scheduled and lasting 2 were rejected.
> Everything ok so far. But then, when client machines became availabe,
> lasting two jobs were sent to them, and there was no log, when that happend
> and that it finally matched.
> Is that information saved somewhere ? Or does it log only unsuccessful
> tries, when the first try after submission fails ?

A single match from the negotiator can be used to run several jobs. When
a job finishes, the schedd tries to send another job to that same machine.
If you want timings on when these extra jobs get sent to the executing
machine, you'll need to look at the logs on the submit machine (schedd,
shadow, and user logs).

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