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[condor-users] Restrict access to certain user/RemoteUser expression query



I have 6 machines I want to restrict to just 2 of my users to run their Java jobs.


To do this Condor FAQ 7.2 specifies using:


Requirements = (RemoteUser == “userfoo@xxxxxxx”)


In the config of the machines in question.


I've added the following line in the condor.config.local file to machine



Requirements = (RemoteUser == "charaka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ||RemoteUser == paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)


Then applied condor_reconfig.


viognier.ucl.ac.uk is the submit host, charaka and paul are the users on this submit host that I want to allow to use this machine.


From Viognier:


$ condor_config_val -name tokay@xxxxxxxxx Requirements


returns the correct _expression_.


Yet, user vinay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx still has his jobs matched to tokay.ucl.ac.uk and run there.


Why is this and is there something I’m missing?


The pool is v6.4.7, Linux master/submit node and windows execute-only nodes.