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On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Vineeth Simon Arackal wrote:

> 	This is  in continuation to the mail that I had sent to this group
> regarding submission of MPI jobs through Condor-G. (My query was: "How to
> submit MPI jobs through Condor-G? We have installed Condor-G and Globus in
> our machines. We have been successful in submitting and executing sequential
> jobs through Condor-G in Linux,Solaris and AIX machines. But so far we have
> not been successful in executing MPI jobs. We took the sample MPI submit
> file provided in http://www.teragrid.org/userinfo/guide_jobs_condorg.html
> for the job submission, and made modifications necessary for our machines").
> 	I hope I have provided enough details in the above paragraph on how we
> actually tried to execute the program.

Actually, some more details would be useful.

What is the scheduler you are submitting to on the remote system? The
Globus interface to Condor isn't smart enough to handle jobType=mpi
properly. There's a way to get around that, though.

If that isn't the problem, how are your job failing and what does your
submit file look like?

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