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[condor-users] Condor 6.6.3 released!

The Condor Team is pleased to announce the release of Condor 
version 6.6.3, which is now available from the both the US and the 
European download sites:


If you are using Condor 6.6.1 or prior, we recommend upgrading to
Condor 6.6.3. Condor 6.6.2 users should consider upgrading if
if they submit jobs to resources managed by Globus 3.2, there is 
little advantage to 6.6.3 over 6.6.2 otherwise. 

A complete list of changes may be found at:


The 6.6 series of Condor is the stable branch of Condor, and
contains only bug fixes and ports to new platforms. No significant
new features will be added to a stable release. Stable releases 
undergo significant testing on the UW pool before they are 

Please contact us at condor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx with any questions
you may have.


--The Condor Team
Condor Support Information:
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