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Re: [condor-users] new version?

The previous version was out just a few months ago, wasn't it?

Yes. We try not to release new stable releases any more than necessary, but we do it when we have to.

For this particular release, there is unlikely to be a need for you to upgrade, unless you are using Condor-G with Globus 3.2. If you look at the release notes, you'll see that the other changes were to fairly minor bugs that will not affect most users.


And from this mailing list I gather that people are using numerous previous versions. I wonder if there exist some road map for updates and new releases.

There is no official road map yet. At the Condor Week conference next week, we will begin talking about the Condor 6.7.x development series, which has a lot of new features planned for it. (And many of them are already implemented even!)

There may be a few more bugs fixed in the Condor 6.6.x series. It's hard to put a road map on these: we fix the bugs when we find them as quickly as we can. But we don't expect any major changes to Condor 6.6--because it's a stable release, we touch it as little as possible.


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