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Re: [condor-users] Condor Configuration Issues

I've two machines that I'm testing Condor with.  If anyone is interested or
cares, they are Gentoo Linux running the 2.6.3 kernel.  The setup I have
is "fidget" as a central manager and "rah" as a processing node in the

We haven't tested Condor with the 2.6 Linux kernel series. You may find unexpected problems. I wouldn't be on the standard universe (condor_compile) working correctly.

My configuration problem is that rah is being listed by condor_status as
having State "owner".  This is a flag checked for by the startd and
therefore while rah is in the "owner" state, no jobs may be run.

If your START expression doesn't refer to the owner state, then it doesn't prevent your jobs from running. The Owner state is just for your own information.

I was wondering how the machine gets into the "owner" state and if there are any configuration options that will force rah not to enter the "owner" state.

There is an expression that Condor evaluates to decide if it should be in the Owner state. Normally, the expression is:

IsOwner = (START == FALSE)

That is, if jobs are not allowed to be started, then you are in the owner state. If you wish, you can redefine IsOwner in your configuration file. For instance, you could do:

IsOwner = FALSE

To bypass the issue, I had to alter the the UCWS_START to TESTINGMODE_START
so that jobs would run on rah.

I suspect it was another problem that prevented jobs from running. Was the computer idle? Since you have the 2.6.3 kernel, it's possible that Condor incorrectly decided if the computer was idle. What does the ClassAd for rah say? Try "condor_status -l rah" and see.


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