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Re: [condor-users] newbie question

5 match, but prefer another specific job despite its worse user-priority

This message is misleading. It really means, "something else is wrong". Yup, that's vague and not useful.

Your ClassAds don't reveal anything interesting. Is there anything useful in your job log file?


Are your permissions set up correctly to allow you to access the central manager? That is, are the HOSTALLOW_* variables set correctly? If they aren't, you'll see permission denied errors in the CollectorLog files on the central manager.

If the above do not help, try this:

1) On your central manager:
   tail -f NegotiatorLog

2) On the submit computer:

You should see the negotiator trying to look for a match with your jobs. It may report errors, or it may fail. What do you see?

If we don't get anywhere with this, let's set up a VNC session/phone call, and I'll help debug it more directly. (VNC will let us share an X window so we can both type and see what is in it.)


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