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Re: [condor-users] 2 simple questions

is it possible to put my own name-value pairs in the local config file for a machine and the use that in the requirements section of a submit file?


Computer config file:

Requirements = (IS_COOL_COMPUTER == TRUE)

See Section 3.3.4 of the Condor manual, the stuff on "SUBSYS_EXPRS"


Also see the pamphlet "Using Condor Effectively", in the section titled "Enhancing Condor's Matchmaking". This was distributed at Condor Week and is available from:


How would I create a submit file that needs to transfer 1 file as input to the executable but *not* transfer anything else? i.e. the computers do not share a filesystem and the binary is assumed to already on the computer node.

In my opinion, you shouldn't assume the binary is already there. It works great for testing, but poorly in practice. What if the binary is installed incorrectly, or is the wrong version?

That said, use "tranfer_executable = False".


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