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Re: [condor-users] symlink vs perl script wrappers for Condor binaries

To follow up on my previous posting, the perl script also don't work
when invoked as

  /usr/local/bin/condor_status -pool condor.cs.wisc.edu
  /usr/local/bin/condor_userprio -pool condor.cs.wisc.edu

and reports "Can't read config file" in both cases.  If I run the actual
binaries /usr/local/condor/bin/condor_status and
/usr/local/condor/bin/condor_userprio, then I am able to see information
about the condor.cs.wisc.edu pool.

It looks like this perl script (put in /usr/local/bin) is a custom
modification of the file condor/etc/examples/condor.generic created by
the submit-only installation process.  Since the script isn't working in
several ways, can I safely move it aside and create symlinks to the
binaries, or is there a reason that the perl scripts are used to wrap
the binaries on the submit-only machine?


On Fri, 30 Apr 2004, De-Wei Yin wrote:

> Hi,
> I installed Condor 6.6.3 on Red Hat 9 using the tgz file one two
> computers using the old-style condor_install script.  On one computer
> I carried out a full install, on the other only a submit-node install.
> In both cases (CM and submit) I wanted to have the Condor binaries
> accessible to users through /usr/local/bin.  The CM installation created
> symbolic links in /usr/local/bin to point to the binaries (in
> /usr/local/condor/bin), but the submit-only installation created hard
> linked perl script wrapper in /usr/local/bin, and this perl script
> doesn't seem to be able to process the command "condor_version".  We
> noticed the problem with condor_version when we tried to build a code
> using "condor_compile make target" after moving /usr/bin/ld to
> /usr/bin/ld.real and inserting Condor's wrapper for ld---condor_compile
> complained about condor_version being an unknown command.
> Why were symbolic links used in one case and perl scripts wrappers in
> the other?  What are the differences between these two ways of making
> available the Condor programs?  Is a submit-only installation not
> supposed to provide condor_compile capability?
> Thanks for the support!
> Dewey

Mr. De-Wei Yin, MASc, PEng
Dept of Chemical & Biological Engineering tel: +1 608 262-3370
University of Wisconsin-Madison           fax: +1 608 262-5434
1415 Engineering Drive                    dyin at cae dot wisc dot edu
Madison WI 53706-1691 USA                 www.engr.wisc.edu/groups/mtsm/

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