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[condor-users] Condor Testing on Debian

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I hear that the Condor team tests it nightly build of condor using some sort
of test suite. Here at the Center for High Performance Computing at the
University of New Mexico, we are interested in switching our desktops to run
Debian 3.0 (Woody) instead of RedHat 7.3 since it has reached RedHat's official
end-of-life date. Also note that we have been running a version of Condor
since at least 1999.

Although I know that there are several other sites running Debian and
Condor successfully, I think our confidence in running both Debian and
Condor at the center would be greatly improved, before we officially make
the switch, if we are able to run similar tests that condor is officially
tested with.

Is there a possibility that users of Condor will have access to this test
suite, if it does exist, or are there any other tests we can run to make
sure the functionality of condor works under Debian?

Thank you very much,


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