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[condor-users] Condor Render


I am hoping to Condor and Condor_render to render Maya 5.0 jobs on our Windows XP studio machines.

After a few hic ups I have got to the point where I think Condor is setup and working on my test machines (about 8 + 1 dual processor central manager) and the print name example works.

I am getting stuck with Condor_render however. I have had to modify the .hdr file quite a bit as the supplied example appears to be for Maya 3 from a shared drive and I want to use Maya 5 from local installs.

When I (condor_render) submit a job it appears to go into the queue and after a bit at machine from the pool is claimed, but the job never finishes. (I say never but I have not actually waited that long, bit I have been waiting for a simple test file to render a single frame for more than two and a half days).

Suggestions please. Does condor_render with with the Maya 5 render.exe?

David Challenor

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