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Re: [condor-users] How to tell if condor is installed?

If condor_status exists and produces sensible output, then Condor is
probably installed and running. If you need to find condor_status in a
failsafe manner, then you have to go to quite some effort.

Find the first existing file from the list ${CONDOR_CONFIG},
/etc/condor/condor_config, ~condor/condor_config.

Now, you can either assume it's a fairly standard setup, and parse the
RELEASE_DIR line, adding /bin to find the location of condor_status.

To be absolutely correct in all circumstances, you also need to parse any
files listed in the Condor variable $(LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE), as well as the
first existing file from /etc/condor/condor_config.root,
~condor/condor_config.root. Then use the value of the Condor BIN variable.

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