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Re: [condor-users] Condor and DHCP problem(?)

Hi Paul,

Lets split this into two issues: Fully qualified name and dynamic
> There is no domain in the name (i.e .ri.ac.uk at the end).
> Condor doesnʼt like this during install, as itʼs not a fully qualified
> host name (no dots in it!, says Condor)

Ok, it should be quite simple: 
put DEFAULT_DOMAIN_NAME="ri.ac.uk"
in your config file and condor will think that the host has fully
qualified name. It worked for us.

DHCP issue is less clear to me. We had problems when IP/hostname was
changing at the time when condor daemons were running.  Restart of
Condor helped in that case. It might seem that it's bad since any job
running at the same time would quite, but it would have happened anyway
due to IP change (at least for regular condor, I guess the same is true
for Condor-G, but I might be missing something).

> If I specify dhcp-214 as central manager in the config file,
> condor_status is visible but condor_q does not work.
Did you look in the log file of schedd? WHat does it say?

> If I specify the IP address as central manager in the config, q is
> visible, but status is not.
The same about collector - take a look in the log files.

Just a guess - if DHCP does not update DNS with the new host name ->IP
mapping, condor has no idea how to map the new host name to the host IP
and vice versa. To test if this is the case, you can do the following:
check how your hostname maps to IP: host `hostname` or ping `hostname`
If undefined, I'm right. So just to solve it for one time, add the host
name and its IP to /etc/hosts and restart Condor while specifying the
host name in the config file.
It should probably work this way, but next time IP/hostname change, you
will have to update everything again. 
One more comment - why do you need startd, if it's not a personal

Let me know if it helps

> How does Condor discover a hostname given by DHCP, will it accept one
> with no domain suffix and how do I get around the issue of the
> DHCP-provided IP/hostname changing?
> Thanks
> Paul 

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