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Re: [condor-users] How to tell if condor is installed?

Tim Harsch wrote:
I think what I'm looking for value of ${RELEASE_DIR}, the problem is I can't
determine the path of the condor release dir without knowing the path of the
condor release dir ( if I must parse the config file :-)

Can a running daemon tell us, or is there a condor_X command that could.
I'm willing to require my users to have condor in the path so that condor_X
can be executed to determine the release dir.

If you're willing to have Condor in the path, then you are all set. Use the condor_config_val command to look up values in the configuration file. For instance:

% condor_config_val RELEASE_DIR

% condor_config_val LOCAL_DIR

% condor_config_val -v COLLECTOR_HOST
COLLECTOR_HOST: condor.cs.wisc.edu
  Defined in '/usr/local/condor/etc/condor_config.hosts', line 10.


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