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Re: [condor-users] not running because no user?

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 9:33 am, Alain Roy wrote:
> >Michael,
> >
> >Try looking into the "Soft UID Domain" setting (SOFT_UID_DOMAIN in your
> >condor_config).  It's described in 3.3.5 "Shared File System Configuration
> >File Macros" in the Condor Manual.  Basically, it let's you do exactly
> > what you're describing.  :-)
> Nick really means that you should check out the UID_DOMAIN.

Actually, no.  I do mean SOFT_UID_DOMAIN.  Alain & I have discussed this, and 
we now understand each other.

If you have a shared filesystem (AFS or NFS), then you need to have some type 
of consistent UID space throughout the whole shared filesystem.  To allow 
Condor to take advantage of it, you need to tell Condor about your use of it.  
UID_DOMAIN is used essentially to tell Condor what machines share this "UID 
space".  SOFT_UID_DOMAIN tells Condor that, although I don't have all the 
users on all machines, all users still share the same "UID space".

Now, if you don't have a shared filesystem, then you'll need to either user 
the standard universe or enable file transfer.  In this case, you'll want to 
run your jobs on the execute nodes as "nobody", or, even better, use the new 
dedicated users by setting "EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED = TRUE".  See 
"Jobs Run as User nobody" for more details.

I just noticed that section says "While Condor does not depend on a 
shared file system or common UID space for running jobs in the standard 
universe, vanilla jobs (ones that are not relinked with the Condor libraries) 
do need a shared file system and a common UID space."  With file transfer, 
this is no longer true.  We'll correct this.

Does this help?


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