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Re: [Condor-users] problem with condor_store_cred and defining domains


The FS/UID domain stuff is a red herring; they have nothing to do with
the behavior of condor_store_cred. We determine your username and domain
by looking at the access token of the user running condor_store_cred
(or condor_submit if you're submitting a job). condor_store_cred tells
you this right off the bat--just run it with no arguments and observe
the first line of output starting with "Account: ". The domain you should
see in this context is your Windows domain, BESTGROUP.

Could you send us a snippet of your SchedLog that contains the error
message? You probably should add


to your config file, reconfig, and try running condor_store_cred
again. The log should contain something about "Adding [your username]
to credential storage". The next 5 lines or so should describe what's

For good measure, you might also make sure that the hostname BESTGROUP
actually resolves to the IP address of your domain controller (try to
ping it for example).