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[Condor-users] Push jobs of special working group?


running Condor 6.4.7, I cannot modify the RANKing of jobs. If for
example I add a line

+Workgroup = "7"

to my submit file, and have a line

RANK = (Workgroup =?= "7") * 100000 + (TARGET.Workgroup =?= "7") * 10000 + 1

in all condor_config files, I still get 

Rank = 0.000000

back from `condor_q long | grep -i rank`.

Does =?= matching not work? What if Workgroup has not been set?
The example in the config using Owner is not very useful - Owner is
always defined...
BTW, I'm pretty sure only one of the match terms would succeed. Which
one? (Removing the + from the line doesn't help, as expected.)


Steffen Grunewald * * * Merlin cluster admin (http://pandora.aei.mpg.de)
Albert-Einstein-Institut (MPI Gravitationsphysik, http://www.aei.mpg.de)
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