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Re: [Condor-users] QMGR Connection closed

When I run condor_q, it gives me the following error in my sched log:

8/17 10:46:46 DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host <>
8/17 10:46:46 DaemonCore: received command 1111 (QMGMT_CMD), calling handler (handle_q)
8/17 10:46:46 condor_read(): Socket closed when trying to read buffer
8/17 10:46:46 QMGR Connection closed

Does condor_q also give you the output, although you get an error?

And also if I run a condor_status on a node in my pool, it only shows the central manager´s status and it´s own status as well as if I run condor_q it shows that their is a job idle in the queue, but if I run condor_q on the central manager it shows that there is nothing waiting in the queue.

That's appropriate--each computer has its own queue.