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[Condor-users] error submiting simple job

I'm having some troble to submit a job to condor

the submit file is very simple

universe = vanilla
output = time_loop.output
error = time_loop.error
log = time_loop.log
initialdir = /tmp/condor

Im geting this in the StarterLog.vm1

12/13 18:56:43 IWD: /tmp/condor
12/13 18:56:43 Output file: /tmp/condor/time_loop.output
12/13 18:56:43 Error file: /tmp/condor/time_loop.error
12/13 18:56:43 About to exec /disk1/home1/condord/jobs/time_loop/time_loop
12/13 18:56:43 Create_Process: Cannot access specified executable
"/disk1/home1/condord/jobs/time_loop/time_loop": errno = 2 (No such
file or directory
12/13 18:56:43 ERROR
...) failed" at line 493 in file os_proc.C
12/13 18:56:43 ShutdownFast all jobs.

I have runed the

condor_submit command in the directory that has the executable file

that appens to be

but the file is submited to other machine ... and still its trying to
run the executable file from that location ...

Waht can I change ??