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[Condor-users] submitting jobs from windows machine to a linuxcondor grid.

Hello all,

I have a blade setup as a condor grid, the main node behave as the condor master.
My users are using machine with the Windows2K Os.I want to give them the option
to submit jobs to this grid.
The version I'm using is 6.6.7 ( on the grid and on the workstations ).
When I issue the command "condor_status" from a workstation I can see all the nodes in this grid.
When I issue the command "condor_submit" with a submit file I'm getting an error
--------------- START PASTE -----------------------
C:\Condor\examples\printname>condor_submit printname.sub

ERROR: No credential stored for RoyA@CONCORD

        Correct this by running:
        condor_store_cred add

---------------- END PASTE --------------

I'm following the instruction and issue the command: c:\>condor_store_cred -p xxxx add -------------- START PASTE ------------- Account: RoyA@CONCORD

Failure occured.
------------------ END PASTE ----------------

how do I continue from here ? I couldn't find any information on this problem in google or in your site.

Thank for your help.
Roye Avidor

PS. if this letter reached the wrong address or person, please if you may, forward it to the write person.

Thanks again.