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Re: [Condor-users] error submiting simple job

Mário Costa <atritoman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 12/13 18:56:43 About to exec /disk1/home1/condord/jobs/time_loop/time_loop
> 12/13 18:56:43 Create_Process: Cannot access specified executable
> "/disk1/home1/condord/jobs/time_loop/time_loop": errno = 2 (No such
> file or directory
> )

Quickly glancing at your settings, I'm guessing you have

> executable = /disk1/home1/condord/jobs/time_loop/time_loop

in your submit file.  I'm also guessing that the job is appearing
in "condor_q" and that it appears to either be running (R) or
idle (I). The likely cause is that Condor thinks your have a
shared filesystem.  If that's the case, it assumes that all
executables are placed in the shared filesystem (similarlly it
will assume that input and output files are as well).

Condor came to this conclusion based on several settings, most
notable FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN.  These settings are documented here:

If you don't want or are unable to put your files on a shared
filesystem, you'll need to use Condor's file transfer
capabilities.  This is documented here:

Alan De Smet                              Condor Project Research
adesmet@xxxxxxxxxxx                 http://www.condorproject.org/