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[Condor-users] Invalid user: root

I am setting up Condor on a Suse 9.1 system. I install as root:

rpm -ivh --nodeps condor-6.7.2-linux-x86-glibc23-dynamic-1.i386.rpm

(I use --nodeps as it seems that my installation of Perl is not recognized)

After installation, I try to configure Condor using the 'condor_configure' script (I am still root).

So for example, I want this node to be my master, so I execute:

./condor_configure --type=submit,execute,manager

And it returns:

Unable to find the user to run Condor daemons as. Please specify it using the --owner option

Now, I want Condor to run daemons as root, so I try:

./condor_configure --owner=root

And I get back:

Invalid user: root

So, it seems to me that Condor on Suse 9.1 cannot recognize the root user for some reason. If I install using either the rpm or tar package as an unprivileged user, it will recognize that user and install and run 'condor_configure' without problems.

Any ideas?