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Re: [Condor-users] Invalid user: root

On Thursday 16 December 2004 2:44 pm, Trevor Roose wrote:
> I am setting up Condor on a Suse 9.1 system.  I install as root:


> ./condor_configure --owner=root
> And I get back:
> Invalid user: root
> So, it seems to me that Condor on Suse 9.1 cannot recognize the root
> user for some reason.  If I install using either the rpm or tar package
> as an unprivileged user, it will recognize that user and install and run
> 'condor_configure' without problems.
> Any ideas?


Condor needs a non-root user to do it's normal operation as.  Condor spend 
most of it's time running with the eUID of this user, and only switches it 
UID to 0 (root) when it needs to.  This is a Good Thing (tm) for security 
reasons; that's why it refuses to run as root.

In most cases, people create a user "condor" to do this, and that's what I'd 
reccomend for you.


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