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Re: [Condor-users] Invalid user: root

Unable to find the user to run Condor daemons as. Please specify it using the --owner option

Now, I want Condor to run daemons as root, so I try:

./condor_configure --owner=root

And I get back:

Invalid user: root

Condor will run as root, but it prefers to do most operations as non-root, and only switch to the root user for things that must be done as root. This is for security.

You are selecting the non-root user that it will switch to. Many people create a 'condor' user on their system. condor_configure selects the condor user or the daemon user or nothing if it can't find either one. I'm surprised that you don't have the daemon user on your system--is that really the case? If not, the condor_configure may have a bug.