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Re: [Condor-users] security concern of condor

> It'd be nice if Condor had some kernel driver that watched over all of 
> our I/O to make sure it doesn't try to touch things outside the Condor 
> sandbox, but for now, if you're file permissions are too open, or you're 
> using FAT, it's your own fault. Am I missing something?
We're working on exactly on this issue in the Technion. Initial
deliverables (driver for w2k, plus integration with Condor) will be
ready hopefully by the end of this year.
I'll let you know
> If you're still convinced that this is a security hole, send us the 
> output of 'cacls <filename>' so we can see what the permissions on the 
> file are.
> cheers,
> Colin
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