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[Condor-users] Running on dedicated nodes over part time nodes.

Hello Everyone,

We are running Condor 6.6.5 on Windows.  We have a small cluster of 10
dedicated machines and 1 dedicated manager.  

We also have numerous workstations setup to take on jobs when the CPU and
console has been idle for more than 15 minutes.

We typically are running small batches of 4 to 8 jobs at a time.

The problem is that some of these workstations have higher performance than
our dedicated nodes so jobs will prefer to run on them but this isn't ideal
during normal business hours as the jobs will frequently get pre-empted.
We'd rather run on the dedicated nodes first, and when they were in use if
the job queue was large start using the non-dedicated machines.

How do I specify a rank that prefers the dedicated machines, while still
allowing the non-dedicated machines to take on jobs after the 10 dedicated
are busy?


John Welter


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