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RE: [condor-users] Condor sleeping

Just wanted to let folks know that I did respond and emailed Colin my
config files and it so happened to be too big to post to the users list.
I believe he is looking at the issue right now.
I do not believe I explicitly used TCP Updates and I have seen the same
issue on clusters smaller than 25, and on old versions. Running W2KP,
XPP, W2K3S, on dual proc servers, single proc desktops, and laptops in a
dedicated configuration. I also explained that the nodes eventually do
come back online but at times after a long while.



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> >I easily run a script across the pool from time to time that 
> restarts 
> >the condor service. I have lived with that mechanism.
> >  
> >
> Ron,
> I'm not sure what your configuration is, but it might 
> interest everyone on this list that a bug was discovered this 
> week that causes updates to the collector to be dropped if 
> your pool is configured to use TCP updates, has more than 
> about 25 machines in it, and the collector is running on 
> Windows. This issue will be fixed in 6.6.6.
> Colin
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