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[Condor-users] Setting up WinXP Personal Condor - newbie alert

Hello all,

I?m setting up a personal Condor (6.6.5) install on my Windows XP Professional machine, for experimentation prior to setting up a small WinXP pool.  I performed the install as described in the Windows installation documentation for setting up a personal Condor install.


My problem is that I cannot get the Condor service to start.  My MasterLog file says:


6/16 11:45:17 ******************************************************

6/16 11:45:17 ** Condor (CONDOR_MASTER) STARTING UP

6/16 11:45:17 ** $CondorVersion: 6.6.5 May  4 2004 $

6/16 11:45:17 ** $CondorPlatform: INTEL-WINNT40 $

6/16 11:45:17 ** PID = 360

6/16 11:45:17 ******************************************************

6/16 11:45:17 Using config file: C:\Condor\condor_config

6/16 11:45:17 Using local config files: C:\Condor/condor_config.local

6/16 11:45:17 bind failed: WSAError = 10038

6/16 11:45:17 Failed to bind to command ReliSock6/16 11:45:17 (Your system network settings might be invalid.)6/16 11:45:17 ERROR "BindAnyCommandPort failed" at line 5736 in file ..\src\condor_daemon_core.V6\daemon_core.C


In the documentation, this is described as a communication error, fixable by putting the line ?NETWORK_INTERFACE = machine-ip-address? in the local Condor config file in order to direct Condor to the right network interface.


Here?s where my ignorance of Windows networking rears its ugly head.  I ran ipconfig to find my network interface IP addresses, found two, and tried them both in the file, with no change at all.  Can someone point me in the direction of something to try next, or help me better understand the problem?