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Re: [Condor-users] Where are Mac users ?

Dear Alain Roy and Condor users,

Thank you for your advice.

Le 17 juin 04, à 15:45, Alain Roy a écrit :

We try to install and configure Condor on a G5 cluster and we face some troubles. We search others mac users who could give us some advice.

Probably your troubles are not Mac specific. Condor works very similar on the Mac as it does on other platforms.

We forgot to define the variable NETWORK_INTERFACE, that's the reason why condor daemons couldn't communicate.

We installed Condor on three computers : a manager, a submiter and a executer and we don't understand how to allow the communication between its.

It looks like your sentence got cut off, and I'm not sure what you are saying. What do you mean by "allow the communication between its"?

Are you getting errors somewhere? Could you tell us what the errors are?

If you are seeing permission denied errors, you may need to configure the HOSTALLOW_* configuration variables. Check out this part of the manual:


<x-tad-bigger>It would seem that the possibility of leaving the variables HOSTALLOW_READ et HOSTALLOW_WRITE equal to '*' doesn't work. We defined them with the name of our domain and that works fine now on the G5 cluster.

Could someone give us some information and perhaps send us examples of condor_config files ?

Condor is distributed with a number of condor_config files: look in the etc/examples directory.

If you can be more specific with your questions, I'm sure we can help you out.

We work with a cluster of G5 configured as a local network and with an other domain, a public one.
These two networks are connected via a Xserve G4 that has two ethernet cards.

We want to use the Xserve G4 as the central manager, the cluster G5 as agents and the public domain computers as submitters.
We have noted that some condor users have sent some information to do that with Red Hat.

<x-tad-bigger>Is this method the same with mac ?
Did someone already make this sort of installation with Mac ?</x-tad-bigger>