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[Condor-users] Extending Condor's scheduling? (for sched. researchpurposes)

Hello. My name is David Petrou and I've designed novel scheduling algorithms for speculative tasks for my thesis at CMU. (pls. reply offline if interested in details.)

Simulation results are promising. I would like to make a proof-of-concept implementation for Condor to demonstrate these ideas in the real world.

I am wondering what the easiest way would be to take over Condor's scheduling policy. I understand how user priorities strive for long-term fair-share among users. So, it seems that if I can hijack Condor's computation of priorities, I could determine how things are scheduled among users. Further, if I could do the same for job priority, it seems like I'd have control among a user's jobs as well.

Alternatively, I am wondering if there is some way to extend Condor's scheduling, perhaps via a library, so that I can bypass priorities altogether and simply have Condor call my own functions when trying to determine what job should run.

Someone must have tried extending Condor's scheduling before, but I'm coming up empty. Pointers to a fast-path to integrating my own scheduling logic into Condor would be greatly appreciated, acknowledged, and research results shared.

Thank you very much,

p.s.: please cc: dpetrou@xxxxxxxxxxx on replies.