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RE: [Condor-users] Transfering files in aVanillauniverseonthejobbeing killed.

> You can get essentially the same functionality using something like:
> condor_vacate -graceful -name [hostname]
> or
> condor_vacate -graceful -addr "[ip addy]"

My job did not vacate!! It was on the same node and running as if nothing

I used 
condor_vacate -graceful -name [the hostname]

Then tried 
Condor_vacate -name [the hostname]

Then tried

condor_vacate -graceful -all

Then tried

condor_vacate -all

all in vain the job continued running!

So I could only remove it with condor_rm

PS the job is on the same node and is practically unaffected.

The message I get is

Sent "Vacate-All-Claims" command to startd *******.liv.ac.uk

But no response from the job? How long does it take it to vacate

The image size is 1.3MB and the connection is 10MB/s ethernet?

> Of course, then you have to do the preliminary step of using condor_q -
> long to determine the machine the job is running on.  It shouldn't be hard
> to write a script to automate that, though.