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Re: [Condor-users] Change in behavior 6.6.0 -> 6.7.1?

Hi Nick,

Hmm, it seems that you're correct.  Something (probably in the schedd) has
been changed to affect this.  Actually, my testing reveals that, at least for
ENV, $$(var) seems completely broken, but it does seem to work, for example,
with ARGUMENTS. :-(  We need to look into this ...

Thanks for investigating. Although it's not *critical* per se, this bug is cramping our production activities a little. If you happen to be able to fix this and there isn't a 6.7.2 due any time soon, we'd be surpassingly grateful if you could knock together (eg) a drop-in replacement for schedd for condor-6.7.1-linux-x86-glibc22-dynamic.

Thanks again for your help,

Chris Green, MiniBooNE / LANL. Email greenc@xxxxxxxx
Tel: (630) 840-2167. Fax: (630) 840-3867