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[Condor-users] DAGMan feature request


I'm not sure what is the "proper" way to suggest a feature for Condor so I
try the simple way by using this list. Many times when using DAGMan
I have to attach a Job to either the start of the whole DAG  (so I have to
parent it to all 1st level Job nodes) or the end of it (by setting it as the cild
of all nodes). When having a dag with job count around 1-2000 adding a node
at the end sometimes doubles the dag file and makes it much harder to read.

It would be great if we had an option to automatically define a JOB as the
start or end job of the DAG that depends on the completion of all nodes.
By using another JOB keyword (like DAGSTARTJOB or stuff like this)
or new attributes DAGSTART/DAGEND beside PARENT this would be much simpler to use.

And adding the ability to define variables in the dag would be a nice addition too.