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[Condor-users] keyboardIdle under windows XP / suspend timeout

Title: [Condor-users] condor_view server running wild
Hello Everyone!
I really enjoy Condor and truely see the power behind this software!
I starting to handle job Suspension and preempting and running into some problems now.
a) on my windows XP, I started a timed loop which triggers condor_status -l hostname, the keyboardIdle and consoleIdle always stays to 0 event if I dont touch keyboard and mouse. ( even unconnected the mouse ).
is there a known bug with 6.6.8? I am using a vanilla universe with condor 6.6.8.
b) I have been searching the web and the documentation, I could not find if there was a timeout for a suspended job.
does it use the KILL _expression_ to kill a suspended job? or is there a timeout variable I should be using?
Tx a lot
Dave Lajoie
Big Bang Animation Studio