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RE: [Condor-users] questions about remote queue submission

> does anyone succeed in sending jobs to remote queues/schedulers?

See my email titled "condor_submit with -r or -n?" from Monday. I have
succesfully submitted to a remote schedd and had the job run
successfully using the -n option. This was from a WinXP to a WinXP
machine running 6.7.3. I think -n worked by slight fluke. We have
SEC_DEFAULT_NEGOTIATION = NEVER at our site. If I used the -r option
(which is what I think I should be doing) I crashed the remote schedd
(not good). But I think -r is what most people should use. I haven't
tried it from linux to linux or linux to windows.
No one has answered my question abou the differences between -r and -n
-- the documentation is very sparse. The docs made -n sound like it was
only for distinguishing between multiple schedd instances on a machine,
but it worked for a remote submission for me.

- Ian